Years of Karn– Karn’s years are based on our current year. It is current year – 1020 (for example 2016 = 996. Each 1 thousand years is called an Age, each age is given a name reflecting on the time by scholars. It is called and written as Age of Peace (AP) and the age before it as Age of Chaos (AC). Most scholars write it as 996 AP or for ancient times as 545 AC.

This timeline is typically considered to be written by the Imperial scholars.   It is possible some things are exaggerated.  Most documents from those times are held within Imperial archives.


Age of Peace

994 AP-The last of the known groups of Effigies are cast into the Seal including their creator. Only a handful of Effigy in various hidden location. The Imperial Legion makes a final push to find them.

988 AP– The Imperial towns of Asone, Darilus, and Marzan were enslaved and the Effigy were created.

978 AP– The providence of Ralicus does a push to expand and starts a prolonged war against an indigenous people in the jungles.

972 AP– It was proclaimed that the Emperor stopped a plot by the Fiends to destroy the Seal. A month of celebration occurred centered around the Senate.

955 AP– The Emperor gives more power the Senate while he is away.   Most of the time he is in the Seal saving all of Karn from the Fiends.

942 AP– It was proclaimed that the Emperor stopped a plot by the Fiends to destroy the Seal. A month of celebration occurred with hundreds of treasonous Senators who were said to not support the Emperor enough were cast into the Seal in order to prove their loyalty to the Emperor.

910 AP– It was proclaimed that the Emperor stopped a plot by the Fiends to destroy the Seal. A large army is assembled and send into the Seal with many of the Emperors most trusted advisers and generals.

903 AP– Emperor Dominus Augustus Rex V is said to of found a way to enter and leave the Great Seal. In it he was also blessed with eternal life.  The Senate is given additional powers to help govern the Empire while the Emperor focuses on the Seal.

900 AP– It becomes law that Trumar can no longer have their Phoneix Stones forcibly removed. But it can be willingly given away.  Most of the Imperial upperclass are devistated by this.  The Phonex stone market becomes a black market.   Revenants start to be considered the boogiemen who sneak in shadows and steal people’s Phoenix stones.  The Empire and the churches condemn any action like this.   Anytime a black market is uncovered everyone associated with it is cast in the Seal.

898 AP– The Emperor sends the Undying Legion to destroy the Dragonlords. The Dragonlords win but the blow was pretty heavy. In response the Dragonlords send a letter to the Emperor telling him should they try again, then the Kingdom of Tatsuoku would have no choice but to declare war on the Empire and end the Empire’s ability to fight. While the Emperor was outraged the Senate looked at a war like this as potentially not worth the loss. They voted for an armistice, while the Emperor disagreed his sudden death prompted the new Emperor not to accept the Senates proposal.

888 AP– A High Holy Priest declares that the Trumar have a soul.

766 AP– The Empire tries to conquer the Dragonlords. The Empire loses soundly with almost no loss to the Dragonlords.

745 AP– The Undying Legion puts down a rebellion within the providence of Lucitius. The rebellions leaders and most of the most vocal supporters are cast into the Seal.

703 AP– The Empire tries to conquer the Dragonlords. They are again deflected.

569 AP– The Providance of Ria officially begins because of the hard work of a few Imperial Admirals, but the Emperor is only halfway interested in it.

553 AP– Most of the armies that protected the area that became known as Ria is destroyed. The Emperor loses interest in the battle and practically abandons his navy. The navy tries to continue and get the area that would become Ria under control. Now that the leadership in the area is scattered the islands become a haven for criminals.

551 AP– A new Emperor is named. He declares that the area that is later known as Ria would be absorbed. These islands have always caused considerable heart ache.

500 AP– The Emperor declares a year of Peace to mark 500 years since the Seal was raised. Great gladiator games are held all around the Empire.

355 AP– Most of the rebellious Trumar are rounded up and cast into the Seal. This Trumar uprising is largely forgotten by all but the Trumar.

352 AP– Thousands and thousands of Trumar are brought together to watch a Trumar elder being tortured to death in order to remind them of what happens when they misbehave. This causes a new wave of Trumar trying to break free from the humans.

299 AP– A group of Revenants tried to rebel against their view as slaves to the Emperor. They were cast into the Seal.

291 AP– Only a few kingdoms are left that have not been absorbed by the Empire.

201 AP– Thousands of magical creatures deemed harmful to the Empire are cast into the Seal. Any of the Fiend’s monsters that are found are quickly cast in the Seal.  It is decreed that scholars can experiment in the name of expanding magical understanding, but the offspring of such should be cast into the Seal.

135 AP– A long war with two other major kingdoms, this grows the power of the Empire significantly as the two kingdoms surrender. The providence of Lucitius officially begins.

126 AP– A new Emperor is named. He declares that the area that is later known as Lucitius would fall to the Emperor for their help siding with the Fiends.

125 AP– The Imperial Undying Legion puts down a rebellion in Dominus. The rebels tried to overtake the Imperial Palace. Every person involved and their families were marked as traitors cast into the Seal.

105 AP– The Dragonlord armies soundly defeat the Empire at the Battle of Bloody Hands.

104 AP– The Empire expands and conquers several smaller kingdoms. The Dragonlords explain that if the Empire invades they will be forced to crush the Legion and cannot continue to focus on preparing to fight the Fiends.

100 AP– Emperor declares all Revenants as his property. Any Reveneant who does not turn themselves in immediately to join the Undying Legion is cast into the Seal.

92 AP– The Trumar are first created.

5 AP– Criminals are first thrown into the Seal as a capital punishment. Only the worse of the worst are cast in.

3 AP– The Dragonlords send in smaller forces into the Seal to destroy the Fiends.  They are never heard from again.   The leaders of the Dragonlords become conserned with the loss of all their armies, no one knows what happens when someone goes into the Seal.  They start taking volunteers to go in and fight.  At first every fighting warrior volunteer but the leaders limit the numbers considerably and start to work out a better method.    They start to call on the second born to continue the fight.

1 AP– The Great Seal is created and the Emperor declares an age of Peace. This is the End of the Age of Chaos. The Fiends, Archons, and Erune are locked within the Seal.  The knowledge of this Seal is a surprise to most but it appears the Empire was working on this for some time.   The Dragonlords focus their attention on the Seal but stop short of sending everyone into it.   The Dragonlords start to regroup and heal while planning on ways to continue the battle.   The Great Seal finally marks the end of the Etherial Wars, at least for those outside the seal, and the end to all the chaos and death.


Age of Chaos

998 AC– The death toll from the Etherial wars grows.  Fiends take the field less and less but their influence grows.  General chaos among the remaining population causes intense shortages of food.  Overall, the world even with the help of the Archons and Erune, starts to look like it is going to crumble.  Many of the human population turn on each other as they say that Fiends are behind any of their actions.   Archons and Erune become symbols of destruction as they hunt down Fiend influence.  The Dragonlords actively hunt for the Fiend who has their Empress, any word of her being seen somewhere prompts their armies to march.  Most people live in fear.

988 AC– The Dragonlords join in the battle against the Fiends with ferocity.  Unfortunately the political damage to the Empire is still to great and the Dragonlords are alone in this active battle. Most other kingdoms just isolate themselves and try to survive.   Any kingdom that joins sides with the Fiends is devastated by the Dragonlords, they are ruthless in their push to destroy the Fiends.  They hunt down and destroy the monsters that the Fiends created.

987 AC– Another kingdom openly sides with the Fiends and tries to strike the Empire again.  An army of monsters are created and pushed towards the Fiends enemies  Most kingdoms try to stay out of it.   The monsters that appear cause even more devastation.

981 AC– The Etherial Wars offically starts, the Archons and Erune start a massive cat and mouse game with the Fiends using Humans as pawns.  When the Fiends, Erune, and Archons meet thousands of humans typically die.  The Etherials appear to be obsessed with destroying each other.   When a Fiend is defeated they set things up to take out as many humans at the same time as possible.  This doesn’t stop the Archons but it does give the Erune to pause in their onslaught.   Thousands and thousands die.

975 AC– The Empire starts to push to take back the lands that it lost.   The Archons and the Erune start to search for the Fiend influence.

972 AC– A group within the Dragonlords starts to rebel against the Empress seeing the Fiends for what they are. The Fiend who controls the Empress flees.  With the Dragonlords pulling back from the war, the rest of the kingdoms don’t stand a chance and are pushed back.  The Empire barely holds on, much of its territory is lost.

969 AC– The Dragonlords are pulled into the fight as their Empress is taken over by a Fiends and pushes the entire kingdom to war. Overall the Dragonlord had stayed out of the push to destroy the Empire, but now this mighty kingdom brings its weapons of war to bare. They devastate the Empire causing more damage then any other in over a hundred years. For the first time the Fiends openly show themselves and join with the battle working to lead the Dragonlords to be the dominant world power and destroy the Empire as well as the Archons and Erune.  When either an Archon or Erune takes the field a Fiend appears and concentrates the humans fighting on them.  The Dragonlords and their dragons devastate the Imperial armies.The battle is long and bloody.  Several other kingdoms, all manipulated by the Fiends declare war at the same time and attack Empire from various angles.   It takes everything it can to keep the Empire from total collapse within the first year, but it is able to hold.

952 AC– Several kingoms of the last several years declare war on the Empire and are defeated.  Most were once major allies.   Slowly this leads the Empire to be completely isolated.  Most trade is stopped though overall the Empire is still the largest kingdom on Karn.  They are able to sustain themselves.

937 AC– Most of kingdoms start to break off trades with the Empire.  Some Imperial populations break off from the Empire but the Empire pushes back and retakes them.  The Imperial army is constantly in a state of alert.  The Emperor is given most of the power in order to manage the various conflicts.  Some within the Senate protest but their voice is muted when the Archons back the Emperor.

900 AC– After a prolonged war, the Empire wins most of the battles that come against them, the Fiends using strange monsters as foot soldiers. Most people are still completely unaware of their presence and most leaders still think they are making the decision based on what’s best for their people. Most say the Empire has to be stopped and consider the Archons and the Erune as monsters.  Its said that most kingdoms declare that the Etherials are not allowed in their country.  The Empire doesn’t agree to this.

800 AC– The Fiends start wars between the various kingdoms that remain. The Empire is still weak but holds most of the Archons and Erune as allies. Most don’t realize the Fiends are involved in these manipulations.

793 AC– The world tries to recover once most Revenants are contained. The Fiends start to ‘infect’ the world slipping through the shadows.

792 AC– The Archons and the Erune defeat most of the Revenants using divine might and empowering the livings armies.

791 AC– The Humans are given the ability to die and live again. The first Phoenix stone are gifted to the world of Karn.

790 AC– The living world is on the brink of collapse. Etherials are called for help.

782 AC– Most kingdoms start to fall. Empire is not able to keep up with the demands of war.

780 AC– Revenant War starts in full swing.  Prior to this there were small skirmishes with the Empire and most of the smaller kingdoms.


Most documents prior to 780 AC were lost. 780 AC was a date given after the Seal was created to this time.