The Outside

The Land of Karn

The world outside the Great Seal is dominated by the Empire of Tellairus.   This Empire claims dominion over almost all the known world with the exception of a small Kingdom known as Tatsuoku.  These two governments differ greatly culturally, though in truth the Empire of Tellairus is pretty diverse.    So to understand the world outside one must first understand the Empire.

The Empire is broken into six providences, each with its own sub-culture.  Dominus is the largest and is typically the shining example of what an Imperial citizen should be like.  Overall when someone thinks of the Empire, they think of those coming from the Dominus providence.  Towards the center of Karn is Lucitius.  This major providence holds considerable hardships for its citizens including a vast desert, as such their culture is the second most widely accepted of the Empire.  Their unique style and vast riches of the elite tend to grant them a special kind of pride.  Next is the Ria providence, these lands tend to be heavily sea based.   Making money is said to be breed into those from Ria and overall the rest of the civilized world look at them as scoundrels and pirates.  Bassira is the northern provenance, considered barbaric overall because of their focus on their community.  These Imperials live some of the most difficult lives and struggle just about every day.   Ralicus is a relatively large area though they represent a relatively small amount of Imperial population.   This western providence is dominated by a vast jungle filled with savages.   Those from Ralicus are almost always in a constant battle against these ‘uncivilized monsters’.    It is a testament to the savages themselves that they have lived this long, their constant gorilla style attacks has kept this providence from becoming the second largest.  Finally there is Cilaria, this small area used to own the vastness of the Great Seal but when it was created they were locked into just a few islands.   Overall they control the intake of prisoners into the Seal, this is considered their only real claim to power, should the Seal be reincorporated into the Empire they would rule it.  Many of them claim the land as their birthright.

The second Kingdom of Tatsuoku is much less diverse and is ruled by the Dragonlords.   They are ruled by an Empress who, legend says, was taken by a Fiend and is currently in the Great Seal.  Most Dragonlords are said to enter the Great Seal in order to find her.    Without an Empress they say that the Dragonlords government is ruled by a group of elders until her return.  Overall the Kingdom of Tatsuoku is heavily based on their military.  They face constant threat from the Empire who has only been kept at bay by a centuries long armistice.  The other major aspect of the Dragonlords is the animals known as dragons which are seen regularly both in military and civilian circles.  These man sized, bipedial lizards are sometimes seen as beast of burden and sometimes viewed as companions though any Dragonlord would be offended if they were called pets.


What Life is Like

Overall life on the outside has a high standard of living.  Magic propagates everything and its use is seen in magically created water inside buildings, magical lighting, and even magical ways to keep food cold.  The average citizen lives a relatively easy life though much of this, at least within the Empire, is on the backs of the Trumar.   While this doesn’t mean that the average citizen in the Empire doesn’t do work, far from it, but the majority of the hard jobs or jobs that people wouldn’t want are done are done by the Trumar.   Almost all families have at least one, its absence would almost be a stigma in general society and indicate how truly poor they are.  This allows the average citizen to focus on skilled labor or scholarly work.  Even solder life is made easier by the inclusion of Trumar, since their armor and weapons are typically maintained by the companies Trumar.    The Dragonlords do not own Trumar and regularly return them back when they arrive in their lands.

Overall there are still those who beg for money, those who steal what they want, those who lord over others, and those who try to help everyone they can.  The majority of people do not travel far outside their home town.   Horses are the main form of transportation though some magitech has allowed for portals between major cities.  The rich families of the various houses enjoy regular parties and social gatherings and for the most part even the poor have time to enjoy themselves, after all the Trumar do most of the menial tasks.  The standard of living is fairly high.