Inside the Great Seal

Inside the Great Seal

Overall most people who come from the outside know little about how things work within the Seal.  They view the place as a land of monsters, were Revenants and Ghouls run rampant and the Fiends are the masters.    Various plays have been made depicting the inside of the Great Seal as a desolate waste were the only food is the other criminals who have been cast in.

No one is really sure what it’s like.  After all, no one is known, other than the Emperor, to be able to enter and leave and he has never spoken of the things he has seen.


Why Are You Going Into The Seal

For the majority of the people in Karn, the only reason they are going into the Seal is because they are forced too.  The Dragonlords being the exception to that, since they volunteer to enter and continue their war.   The rest of Karn, the Imperial part only send in their criminals.

Before an Imperial is cast in the Great Seal they are tattooed with their crime, so that all can know what they had done.  The Trumar are typically cast in at the same time, usually because they have displeased their masters or have become too much to handle, or really just because the Imperial is tired of them.  The Revenants are cast in because they were not considered worthy enough to join into the Emperor’s legion and the Effigy are a new creature that most Imperial have never seen or heard about.   They are cast in because they are considered monsters.



All players, playing outsiders (Imperial, Dragonlord, Effigy, Revenants, and Trumar) will start off outside the Seal.  Natives (Wardens, Inanis, Sareph, and Erubi) start off inside the Seal and have little to no really knowledge of the outside world.  Of those only the Wardens really understand whats on the other side.  They should review their racial packet.