World of Karn

Banished is set in the world of Karn, a place of high magitech and unbelievable wonders.   Most people live a life of luxury and excess.   They are surrounded by miracles of magic that keep their houses cool, cook their food, and bring them from place to place.  Karn is a world where the Empire rules, the Trumar serve their masters, and undead hide fearing the living.  For Karn is a place of peace, the rich always get richer and the poor always get trampled on.   And when those who have nothing to lose try to fight back they are cast within an unescapable prison and Forgotten.  It is within that content sized prison that our story takes place, within the Great Seal where none can leave and few survive.

Long ago a war between three great powers known as the Ethereal raged.  The three used Humans or animals as their host each possessing a body and sending that body against their enemies in a relentless, unending war with no gain or loss on either side, an eternal stalemate.  The Noble Archons and enigmatic Erubi fight side by side against the corrupting Fiends.  One day the Humans had enough, calling upon great magic and sacrificing thousands of their own they erected the Great Seal to forever lock away both sides turning against both the Archons and Erubi who originally allied to save them.  It was a desperate attempt to stop the war and it appeared to work.  The rules of the Seal are simple, anything can pass in but nothing can escape.

Over the next centuries laws changed, since killing people was considered a crime by the Church unless there are extreme circumstances the Empire would instead cast their criminals into the Seal.  Forgetting about them and letting whatever was on the other side of the Great Seal decide their fate.  Then as time went on the Empire fell into corruption, those who opposed its rule as well as anyone else the Empire wanted to ‘forget’  also found themselves cast into this dark world.

That leaves us to you.  You may have been a true criminal, a runaway slave, a heroic rebel, an unlucky servant, a condemned legionnaire, a disgraced priest, or even a betrayed senator.  But here your only one thing!   Welcome to the Great Seal Prisoner, if you survive you may have a chance to make something of your new home.