Service Points

Current Service Points

List of Current Requested Donations for Service Points


Service Points

Service points are given for donating time or props or anything else that helps make Banished better.  The amount given varies based on need.   These service points can be used to buy CP for the year, but can also be used for in game buffs and such.

  • 100 SP = 1 CP (can be bought each event attended based on membership)
  • 200 SP= Skip NPC shift (limited number of slots per event, first come first serve during preregistration)
  • 200 SP = 20 Soul Shard Discount to Maintenance.
  • 300 SP= Skip Cleanup for event (limited number of slots per event)100 SP= Redraw from Bag of Blessing
  • 500 SP= Bring Friend to Event for Free (limited number of slots per event)
  • 500 SP= Attend Event for Free (Very limited number of slots per event)
  • 500 SP= 1 Phoenix Stone (can only be purchased once per MAIN character)
  • 500 SP= Bag of Blessing Draw (Expires in 1 Year, can only be purchased once per year)