Races of Karn

Races of Karn

Most of the PCable races within Banished are grouped into two categories, outsiders and natives.   Those within the Seal tend to refer to those who come in using those terms.  These two categories reflects how your career in Banished begins.  No native will know an outsider before their first event.  Of course once the game starts they are easily able to become friends, that process is up to them.


The Outsiders are those who grew up and remember the world outside the Seal.  Most have lived in relatively peace with a high standard of living.   Most have spent time in some sort of school (with the exception of the Trumar) and many had a relatively happy normal life, up until their incarceration into the Seal.  Outsiders start Banished outside of the Seal, usually in Imperial custody.

Imperial The owners of the world, these humans tend to be anything from Senators to Legionnaires.

Dragonlord– An honorable race of Humans who tattoo the sides of their face with scales. This race values honor and martial combat above all else.

Effigy– The broken dolls, these constructs were once simple villagers till a mad sorceress drug them away and locked their soul into a beautifully built doll to be her slaves. Luckily a few have found freedom from her control.

Revenant– Those who have died yet live again. Feared and persecuted. Revenants are not inherently evil, but they are hard to trust.

Trumar– The Imperial’s Slaves. These elemental creatures were bound to the Imperials outside the Seal, but here there are no rules. The Trumar will either follow as a servant or rebel.



The Natives of the Great Seal do not remember or have never lived in the world ‘Outside’.   The Great Seal is the only home they know.  They tend to be uneducated (Wardens being the exception) and have struggled every day of their lives.  For them those who come from the Outside are naive and many times weak.  Natives start Banished inside of the Seal, usually with the Wardens.

Seraph– When the Etherial’s take a Human host and the host is going to die, sometimes the Archon is able to save them by ejecting their essence from the mortal in time to save them. The touch with the divine changes the human in profound ways. The biggest is their inability to tell a lie.

Erubi– Exalted animals, these are animals given human features in order to be a perfect host for the Etherials known as the Erune.

Inanis– These dark and twisted humans were once mortals who a fiend broke and stole their body. The unfortunate Inanis is the result of a Fiend being exorcised out of the host. All that’s left is a husk of a mortal trying to come to grips with the evil that was inside of them. Only pain seems to remind them they are still alive.

Warden– The original humans who stayed behind luring the Etherials to the Great Seal. Because of this they and their descendants have always been the guardians of the Seal. While the magic of the Seal has changed them over time allowing them to merge with various plants, though they are still very much Human.