When the Archons and the Erubi gave the Phoenix stones to Humans they didn’t give them the ability to touch them believing that such power would drive mortals to greed. But Humans needed to transport these sacred stones, to do that they created the magical phylacteries. These boxes are magically linked to the person and come in all different shapes, they are magically attuned to each person when they are babies with the exception of the Erubi who have one created for them by the Erune themselves as they are created.

The one common element of the phylacteries is that they are magically bound to a person and no one can touch or open the phylactery with the exception of the Revenants. In a strange twist of magic, a loophole some scholars say, the Revenants have the ability to take a single Phoenix stone from someone, one at a time, so the only ones who can touch or manipulate a Phylactery is the person who owns it or a Revenant (who can only manipulate it).

Phylacteries Rules

  • They must be at least 12 Cubic inches, about the size of a 24 count crayon box. They can be larger, but that is the minimum. They must be able to hold 20 mm Phoenix stones easily. Phoenix Stones are provided by the plot team.
  • They can be decorated in any way that fits with the character but must have a red dot with a PHY on them to indicate it’s a red tagged item,
  • The owner must have their In Game name listed somewhere on the box.
  • They can only be specifically locked by magical locks made specifically for Phylacteries. The Phylactery itself can be placed inside a locked box.
  • They can only be held by the owner and is considered a Red Tagged item.
  • They can only be opened by the owner or a Revenant, Revenants can only open a red tagged box if it has PHY on the red dot.
  • If a Revenant steals a Phoenix Stone from the box they must replace the stone with a 20 MM Black Bead. Once a Black Bead has been placed in the box it cannot be robbed again for the event. At the end of the event this bead must be turned into NPC Camp.
  • The person can willingly give away stones one at a time per event. Once they give a phoenix stone away they must wait till the next event before doing it again.
  • No other in game items can be placed in the phylactery unless a specific plot effect allows it.
  • When someone dies, the spirt can choose to walk directly to their Phylactery and retrieve it if they want to walk to Deaths Gate. If they do this they must walk directly to the phoenix stone and then leave for deaths gate. It can also be kept on them if they want. If they are unable to find their Phylactery they must immediately go to Deaths gate. As a spirit they are able to bypass locks on any items holding their phylactery unless there is a magical barrier which stops Spirits of the Dead. Note the spirit of the rule on this is that they cannot ‘scout’ in this form and must immediately go to the phylactery and then to deaths gate. They can not linger.

Giving away your Phoenix Stones because your playing an Alt or because your not coming back is poor form and not within the spirit of these rules.