NPC Swapping

Banished has set up NPC swapping with several local LARPs.   This means if a Banished players goes to one of these LARPs and NPCs they will be given Service Points.  The intent is to incentivize players from other games to come NPC in Banished.  If we help the community and they community helps us its a win/win.


To get the Service Points for NPCing in the chapter E-mail letting him know that which LARP you NPCed at and how long you NPCed and he will add Service Points to your character.

The Service Point award is based on how long you NPCed.

  • 50 Service Points– Less then Half Full Weekend Event
  • 100 Service Points– Half Weekend Event
  • 200 Service Points– Full Weekend Event
  • If its a non-full weekend event, then it will probably be 50 Service Points.  When in doubt contact Brandon with questions.

The Games that we have an NPC swapping agreement with is:

To have another LARP added, please have the owner of the LARP contact me at .