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    josh salyers

    Let’s talk about Sun blades….
    What a sun blade’s core idea was – A blade made of the players inner energy only they could wield.
    Why it changed – When writing the skill we tweaked it to be an enchantment to an existing weapon – specifically for crafted/tagged items. A Seraph having to choose between their racial blade and the weapon that has gem sockets was basically a secondary racial disadvantage….So we flipped to the imbue/sunforged system in the book now.
    What it is now – Basically the write up is a clunky way of saying you can turn your tagged weapon into your sunblade with that comes the benefits of resisting disarms and fixing the broken condition. All the extra rules are there so a player can’t hand their broken weapon to the Seraph have them fix it for free and then the Seraph pass it back.
    Right now there is a grey area where Seraph could attune, fix, then sit down a weapon lapsing the attunement without breaking it…but that’s not the spirit of the skill.
    Also the wording allowing unlimited blades was an effort to help with tagged items. Once superior blueprints are in play two handed weapons will have ~ the same number of gem slots as someone duel wielding slotted items. We didn’t want to punish the Seraph for duel wielding.
    So given allllllll of that said it maybe better to re word it like this

    Harness The Sun
    The Seraph may hold a melee weapon in hand and spend 1 minute of Focus (meaning NO other game skills maybe used – this included basic combat with the weapon) at which point the weapon is considered attuned and gains the “Sun Forged” trait. While attuned the Seraph’s weapon is immune to disarm effects and becomes compatible with additional racial abilities. As soon as the weapon leaves the player’s person (handed to another player, sat on a table, dropped to the ground, etc.) it loses the Sun Forged trait. If this weapon was repaired to current use by the racial ability “Reforging the Sun” the weapon becomes destroyed when it leaves the player’s person.
    A player may have any number of Sun Forged weapons, but again these must remain on the player’s person or they lose the Sun Forged trait. Sheathed weapons count as “on your person”.
    Unless the tag specifically states so, yellow tagged items cannot be Sun Forged.

    I feel that leaves the skill more clearly defined, but we all think/process differently so if you have a smoother write up I am open to it.

    Cast the Sun – I am open to allowing this to be deliverable through a sun blade or via packet.

    Now lets talk about Bound in order…for world/story reasons that will become clearer IG Seraphs are drawn to do stuff in pairs. We tried to capture that feel by having them build off of the Sworn Oath skill. It seems cool in theory until no one of your faith has the skill….leaving you stuck with a dead racial. So I get it, but the “difficulty” of meeting the sworn oath condition also helped to offset the ability. So if we remove that condition (in addition to the Seraph racial disadvantage being almost pure RP based vs everyone else who has a mechanical “hard numbers” disadvantage) I have been kicking around the idea of changing it to this.

    Bound in Order
    The Seraph may select one player that they bind themselves to. Once that player has been selected the Seraph may touch that player spend 2 corpus/animus and call “Grant 2 Protection by Sun”
    If the player you bind to is also a Seraph +1 to the armor granted.
    If you are in a Sworn Oath to the player you bind to +1 armor granted.
    So if you are a Seraph bound to another Seraph who you also share a Sworn Oath with the skill is a grant 4 protection..
    Players may change their “bound target” once a year, if the target perms/retires, or if the PC has no intention of returning to the game.
    Also note per the core rules protection is lost after armor and before vitality. Meaning damage eats away at points in this order
    Armor > Protection > Vitality.

    Some additional thoughts…I feel like the race is very melee heavy but with the RP only disadvantage I can’t justify adding any additional benefits.

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    So…. still no bows?

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    Riley Seaman

    Are we Serphs now? 😛

    I like the wording and intent behind Harness the Sun.
    I’m not sure how “valuable” it is versus the “cost of needing to remember” to have the yellow tag thing. That’s up to whatever you guys have in mind for that, if it’s a yellow tag item that we have to figure out a special way to repair or something like that.

    I REALLY think it would be great to be able to deliver Cast the Sun through a sun blade. I think it meets the flavor of the Seraph and also don’t believe it’s too overpowering. There is a cost to needing to back away from an engagement to grab a packet in hand and be unable to defend yourself.

    Bound in Order… I’m not sure how or why this got so confusing in general.
    Ok so I like the way listed here a lot more actually. Being able to use it on anyone but more effectively on a Sworn Oath Seraph is pretty cool. Also yay cost reduction? Right?
    I’m not sure why it should be so difficult to switch targets though. Like, what’s the worst that could happen if we can change it every event? I get that it may not be exactly what everyone had in mind when writing this up, but how much are we trading in administrative headache or an inability to use a skill for several games if unforseeable issues arise?
    I don’t think it needs too much micromanaging about its use. We’re having a difficult enough time justifying using it as it is, really. The best we’d be able to do with it is keep buffing a valuable target, and a Mystic can do it for free with 30 seconds of focus anyway.

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    josh salyers

    So the skill was originally intended for melee weapons, but I am open to kicking around the idea of Bows/Vessels.

    Most of the effects would stay the same, cast the sun moving from a packet to missile weapon isn’t a huge deal. The parry is already beyond what a melee weapon can do since it works for spell packets as well.

    Is there any neat combo this allows that I am missing? Or impact wise would we really be looking at Seraphs with ranged weapons enjoying the disarm/repair benefits?

    Brandon do you have any heart burn from allowing the bound in order ability to be set at check in each event?

    Right now the mystic does have the free 2, but since it doesn’t stack they won’t hit 4 without a “grant extra” type skill. If the skill isn’t worth while, we could always scrap it and come up with some other neat “teamwork” type effect.

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    I really just want the flavor for my own RP purposes to be 100% honest. Running around with a sun bow? Hell yes. The disarm and repair is neat as well but sun bow. 😀

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    Riley Seaman

    I think co-protection makes for a pretty good teamwork style skill. I could also see a grant defense or grant attack working, but the protection is easier to use and remember.
    2 costing 2 Any just doesn’t stack up against 2 costing 0 (with 30 seconds of charge time factoring in). So on non-Seraphs the only benefit would be the immediacy of the effect. That’s STILL better than it being useless if one doesn’t have a Seraph to buddy up with. As it is here, it seems like the flavor is that Seraphs are good at teaming up with others and they’re more powerful if they’re feeding into one another’s power. Pretty cool.

    Sunbows/Sunvessels have their own problems that make up for the difference between packets and melee. As a melee fighter, it’s fine with me that a bow/vessel could launch sun damage because I at least have the ability to back up and toss a packet if I need to.

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    Scott Bradlee

    Bound in Protection you change from protection to armor back to protection so you want to get the wording straight.

    Why not change the Bound in Protection to one stat either Animus or Corpus for binding? The Seraph decides which type. +1 if it’s with a Seraph and then if you are also Sworn to them the stats become generic so can be used for either instead of deciding. Protection, even at 4, is already a niche of the Mystics.

    The only combo I can think of is the gesture Karma ability to use it as Sun damage.

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    Brandon Machart

    On Bound in Order, From a lore perspective. Archons have a single ‘battle brother’. So really I always envisioned it between two people. Its supposed to be a higher meaning then just a simple stat bump/power up. The meaning in it is supposed to be greater then that. So switching targets, from a lore perspective detracts from the flavor, in my opinion.

    As a note, doing things at check in, instead of during the game does give me heart burn. After all, we are talking minutes of roleplay not hours.

    Also I don’t like the idea of vessals. Maybe as a quest type path, but not normal. After all, this is supposed to be charged with a part of the Sareph’s soul, so it seems counter for a Vessal to be charged with this. So if we don’t allow vessals, we can’t do bows. I really like it staying melee only and let someone search out something special to get them a bow that can be charged with a sun.

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    Scott Bradlee

    Why can’t you do bows? You literally just put why vessel wouldn’t work and then said “so you can’t do bows.” So bows now house djinns?

    Cause as we all know, no Seraph would ever use a bow nor would they name their child Cupid.

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    Brandon Machart

    No, there isn’t a solid IG reason other then it is Melee only for Bows not to work. I said no bows, since we are doing no ranged.

    As a note, I am just throwing my ideas in here as well. So who knows what it will be at the end, but that is what I am giving from my perspective.

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    As others have asked in other racial potentials, Any movement on this and/or resolution?

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    Brian Stanley

    As others have asked in other racial potentials, Any movement on this and/or resolution?


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    Brandon Machart

    I believe all updates will be during the summer break when we work on the rulebook.

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