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    josh salyers

    Proposed changes to Revenant:
    I think the change to a short frenzy goes a long way to easing the racial negative (but it does feel very close to the Erubi disadvantage). Part of me also feels like opening the racial abilities to be activated by animus/corpus/carnage.
    Racial Abilities
    All Agony effects that would affect a Revenant get “Increased to Short Frenzy”.
    Call: Increased to Frenzy
    Notes: The Agony Effect does not affect the Revenant instead it is upgraded to a Frenzy. You cannot resist the Frenzy effect after its upgrade.

    Revenants have a five point pool of Carnage. This is used to power many of their racial abilities. This pool starts off the event empty.

    Description The player kneels next to a helpless or dead NPC and spends 10 seconds roleplaying eating on the body or inhaling the soul after which they call “Search Life”. The NPC will respond with “you find nothing”, “Refresh 1 (Carnage)”, or in very rare cases “Refresh 2 (Carnage) and Frenzy to Undead”. Only NPCs that IG would have “fresh meat” are likely to yield a refresh. So for example a PC raced bandit or large insect creature would have something that is edible, where as a pure elemental or mindless ghoul lacks anything for the player to eat.
    Call: Search Life

    Hunger Fueled Determination
    Revenants are able to heal themselves using the energy of those who have died.
    Cost: 1 Carnage
    Call: Heal (1) to Self by Carnage

    Regenerate Bones
    The Revenant can quickly regenerate attacks upon their limbs, unfortunately the nature of such regeneration can leave those limbs sore. This ability grants a Resist Maim, when calling this effect the Revenant must roleplay for 30 seconds some kind of damage on the limb. This could be things like weak arms, limping, and difficulty moving quickly. This is only roleplay so will not require any specific focus or rest.
    Cost: 2 Carnage
    Call: Resist

    Corpse Physiology
    It’s hard for diseases, poisons and other metabolic things to affect the dead as they do the living. This ability grants the Revenant a blanket Resist Metabolic.
    Cost: 5 Carnage
    Call: Resist

    Curse/Gift of the Abyss
    Unlike other races the Revenants can visit death’s gate without a Phoenix stone and still have a high chance to return to Karn as themselves. Each time the abyss reanimates their corpse they become more and more corpse like and after many times they will have other negative effects afflicting them. These effects can be prevented or removed with any Phoenix Stones they have.
    Rather than drawing a Wax ingot and risking death the player chooses a degeneration from a list. The effects will often start mild and progress in severity as degenerations are gained. Once a player has 10 degenerations they can no longer resurrect (as a PC).

    Revenants are able to interact with a player or NPCs Phoenix Stones. They are able to take a Phoenix Stone from someone and are able to give it to someone else or keep it. A person can only have 1 Phoenix stone stolen (taken without being willing given) per event. To do this they must spend five minutes of Focus roleplaying with the Phylactery the Phoenix stone is in. Once removed the Revenant must place it into another Phylactery within one minute (either their own or someone else’s). If they are unable for some reason they take a Mishap.

    A stolen Phoenix Stone should be replaced with a black bead to note that a Phylactery has been robbed. A player can only have one stone stolen from them an event.

    I would say move the tombstone to a production item. If we made these changes those who have a Tombstone would be “grandfathered” in and receive an item tag.

    Basic Tombstone
    SpellForger-(item can be destroyed by the exorcism skill)
    1 x X1 and 1 x M1
    The Tombstone is made for a single PC while Intact the PC gains the following abilities
    • The ability to store up to 5 points of Carnage in their stone, and later touch the stone and withdraw the points at a later time. The call to do this is Imbue by Abyss when touching and loading their Carnage Pools into the Tombstone. This will remove it from their total. Then when taking it out of the tombstone they call ‘Refresh Carnage by Abyss’, this will remove it from the tombstone. The Revenant can never go higher than his max Carnage pool.
    • The ability to leave death’s gate as a spirit and reform at your tombstone. To do this when the Spirit leaves Deaths Gate they can walk directly to their Tombstone to reform. They must go to the Tombstone, touch it and then call Imbue by Abyss. Once they do that they will lose the Spirit of the Dead trait. This can only be done by Spirits of the Dead leaving Deaths Gate and the Revenant must proceed directly to their tombstone. The one exception, if they must add makeup then that can be done first, while they are doing this they are still considered a Spirit of the Dead and cannot interact with anyone.
    • The ability role play eating corpse parts at the tomb stone and touch their tomb stone spending 10 carnage (5 from pool and 5 from tombstone) and call imbue by Abyss. The player gets a 5 soul shard discount for upkeep for the next event.

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    Brandon Machart

    ~I do not like the idea of opening these up to animus/corpus. Mainly because it detracts from the need for a Reverent to gather carnage. Allowing them to use animus or corpus feels like its counter to the spirit of the Revenant gathering carnage constantly.

    ~I would like some clarification/changes done around the way carnage should be gathered. I would like the target to be dead and not helpless. After all, an unconscious person beating eaten or consumed of LIFE should be dead afterwards. What if it could only be done when deathstriking someone?

    ~I also really like the idea of a Carnage Ability that does something like this

    Feast of Blood
    All a Revenant needs is the body and souls of the fallen to survive. The ability allows the Revenant to consume all of there Carnage to give themselves a 5 Soul Shard discount on maintenance. This can be done a total of two times per event and can be stacked with other discounts. To do this the Revenant must spend 5 minutes of Focus using a large severed limb prop at their tombstone (or if no tombstone at the Forge). This consumption roleplay must be loud enough and obvious enough that the Revenant is consuming flesh or absorbing essence. When done the Revenant will call Imbue by Carnage and will experiance an amount of euphoria.
    Cost: 5 Carnage
    Call: Imbue by Carnage

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    Scott Bradlee

    I don’t like the maintenance idea as it lets a race counter their flaw without outside assistance/CP.

    Brandon is right about not allowing them consume a “disabled” and not dead target, as this could lead to multiple feedings from one person be it purposeful or accidental.

    Hunger consumes:
    The Revenant can spend 5 carnage and 5 minutes and increase their empty carnage pool to 10 until refresh. This can be done each refresh. The Revenant is constantly needing sustenance in this state and must now death strike any downed body they do not consider a friend.

    Josh’s stuff:
    Everyone I know of has been playing it as an increase to frenzy anyways. If you just wanted to change it to short, sure, but only if its a frequent disadvantage then. I don’t think that should be changed to short at all and should be left as is.

    Regenerate bones: Please just change this to purge maim. This takes ten seconds to do, you get the roleplay aspect, and this makes that person have to get out of combat for a moment.

    Also, I would highlight the changes because as far as I can tell most of them were as written in the rules.

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