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    josh salyers

    Some background info.
    At the core a vanilla damage attack costs one stat per point of damage. So a called 3 damage melee strike costs 3 animus/corpus. Adding the range factor and the ability to pierce shields ups the cost by +1. So a vanilla called 3 damage missile attack is 4 stats.
    We set uncalled missile attacks at 3 uncalled to assist with the desirability factor.

    Leaving them at 1 uncalled, there was a concern that the hassle of having/picking up reps was greater than the range advantage. Having ran at a base of three however, feels almost too strong for the reasons previously pointed out about the lethality for randoms.
    So I would like to playtest at our next event
    Lowering the base damage of ranged weapons to 2 uncalled –
    Supplying the Sha’ir, Ranger, and Assassin classes the following ability
    Aim –
    Sha’ir – Aim with vessels
    Ranger – Aim with bows
    Assassin – Aim with thrown weapons
    The player may spend 10 seconds of focus roleplaying aiming at a target before attacking with a single called “3 damage” attack. If you miss or a defense is used you must spend 10 seconds to re-aim.
    I want to test this, I know this will have an impact on the perceived usefulness of these classes base 3 damage attack, but for now those skills can still be used to quickly deliver damage in rapid succession.
    I want to poll the Rangers, Assassins, and Sha’irs after the event, because it may make more sense to lower the time needed to aim and add a small stat cost. Maybe 5 seconds and 1 stat. But for now I want to test dialing the lethality of ranged weapons back a bit while still offering those players who specialize in it the option to do 3 damage without a stat cost.

    Our goal is to use the time between the May and September event to issue a new version of the rulebook. With that will be updates to radials and classes, but I can’t see retooling the Sha’ir and Ranger without settling the issue with ranged damage first.

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